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CKPR Contests

12 Days of Christmas

91.5 CKPR together with 12 Participating Sponsors will be giving listeners a chance to play 91.5 CKPR’s Special 12 days of Christmas including Gifts from 12 different local Sponsors!

12 weekdays

Lunch With Danny and Laura- December

91.5 CKPR is proud to announce the December sponsor for Lunch with Danny and Laura!!! The Crew on May!

Sign up below and enter your office to win Lunch with Danny and Laura from The Crew on

CKPR-Listener Club- December

91.5 CKPR has paired up with Vitality for our Listener Club for December!!

Join the 91.5 CKPR Listener Club for chance to WIN great prizes,

91.5 CKPR Birthdays

Enter a Birthday Greeting HERE for the chnace to have YOUR  Birthday Greeting announced LIVE on air during the morning show with Danny and Laura

Thunder Bay On Demand

We want you to tell us what to play, then turn it on and turn it up!

Val Mitchell is taking all the requests from noon - 1 pm on Monday to Friday!

Send us your requests to us now by emailing

General Contest Rules and Regulations

Click here to view General Contest Rules and Regulations