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Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings to Kayla Slusar

Wow double digits! Happy 10th Birthday Kayla. We love you to the moon & back and wish you a awesome day & year ahead!! Love your family xoxo

Birthday Greetings to Mathew Collins

Happy 20th! Love Mom Dad and the gang

Birthday Greetings to Daphne Vanlenthe

Happy Birthday to the baby of the family! Love Mom Dad Sam Tristan

Birthday Greetings to Jordan Tetreault

Best Wishes for a very Happy 29th Birthday to Jordan Tetreault. Jordan's dreams are as big as his infectious smile, and that's why we luv ya buddy. Have a super day !!!!

Birthday Greetings to Morgan Dunphy

Happy 24th! Love Linkin, Mom, Stew and the gang

Birthday Greetings to Mike Moore

Happy Birthday to my younger bro Mike Moore. One more year to OAS. Have a great day. Love Kim