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CKPR Contests

Lunch with Danny and Laura; Daytonas

Lunch with Danny and Laura sponsor for the month of October 2016 is Daytona's!

Enter your office below and tell us why you want to win Lunch with Danny and Laura! Then, tune in on Monday

CKPR and Robin's Donuts Fall Coffee Crew

The days are getting shorter, getting out of bed might seem a little more difficult. That midafternoon slump still sneaks up on you. Here at 91.5 CKPR we want to help make it a whole lot better.


Cruising Crew 2016

91.5 CKPR wants to help our listeners escape the winter dread, and GET OUTTA TOWN!! What better way to do that, than with a CRUISE!

The 91.5 CKPR Cruising Crew is BACK!

Listen for the sound of

Birthday's with Franki's Pizzeria

Each weekday morning, CKPR celebrates birthdays and special occasions and one lucky person wins 2 Large Pepperoni Pizza's from Franki's Pizzeria to place your order and pick it

OLG Jackpot Alert

91.5 CKPR and OLG want to know what 91.5 CKPR listeners would do to become Millionaires through our “That was your Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Alert” and “That was your LOTTO MAX Jackpot Alert!”

General Contest Rules and Regulations

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