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Battle of the Sexes

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BATTLE OF THE SEXES - Wednesday, February 10, 2106

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In what year did CKPR make the transition from AM to FM format? 2003, 2005 or 2007?
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Which band released an album titled "Raised On Radio" in 1986? INXS, Kajagoogoo or Journey?
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Back in the day, Bill "The Hitman" Hogan hosted a Top Ten at ten countdown. Who was the sponsor for the show? Sam the Record Man, Kings Stereo or Music City?
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In what year did the first public radio broadcast take place? 1897, 1906 or 1913?
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On the TV sitcom WKPR in Cincinnatti, which acto played the role of late night DJ, "Venus Flytrap"? Richard Sanders (Les Nesman), Tim Reid or Frank Bonner (Herb Tarlek)?
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