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CKPR Features

Battle of the Sexes

Each weekday at 7:40am, the CKPR Morning Show hosts Danny and Laura will put two listeners against each other, one female and one male, by having them correctly answer the trivia questions!

Workday Replay

Each weekday morning, Danny and Laura will play the Workday Replay song, and then the song will replayed during the afternoon with Val or Bill! When you hear it and name it correctly you can win!

ET Radio Minute

The ET Radio Minute is hosted by Mary Hart to give you the breaking entertainment news, exclusive inside information and in-depth stories on what is happening now !

You can hear this each weekday on Monday to Friday at 10:42am and again at 4:33pm!

The Parent Report

Each weekday afternoon at 1:35pm, The Parent Report hosted by Joanne Wilson,will help shed light on topics of concern to today's parents. Its one minute that turns to top child care specialists to pass on their advice and each report features a leading doctor, family worker or recognized specialist in any given field.

Be sure to keep up-to-date on all the latest advice! Brought to you by 91.5 CKPR and

Thunder Bay on Demand

We want you to tell us what to play, then turn it on and turn it up!

Val Mitchell is taking all the requests from noon - 1 pm on Monday to Friday!

Send us your requests to us now by emialing, calling 346-2577 on visiting us on Facebook or Twitter!

Brought to you by 91.5 CKPR and Wendy's!


Each weekday morning, CKPR celebrates birthdays and special occasions and one lucky person wins a $25 Gift Pack from Franki's Pizzeria to place your order and pick it up!

Franki's Pizzeria in Thunder Bay is available for delivery and pick-up through! Franki's serves delicious pizzas, panzerottis, wings, bruschetta and more. Try the gourmet pizzas like the BBQ steak or the seafood alfredo. Order online now from Franki's Pizzeria on!

Call our Switchboard weekdays at 346-2600 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. the day before and you can have your greeting air on the special day.

Send the day before to:


Backtrax USA with KID KELLY

Listen on Saturdays to 91.5 CKPR from 6pm - 10 pm and be taken in time to your favourite decades! BACKTRAX USA with KID Kelly who plays all your favourites! from the 80s and 90s!