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Top8@8- Masala Grille

The Top 8 @ 8 counts down Thunder Bay's most popular songs of the day.

We countdown the Top 8 songs of the day. Mix in great tunes, along with fun facts and entertaining news about the artist and / or the song and you've got a great recipe for a show that appeals to the listener.

It’s The Top 8 @ 8 on Thunder Bays Best Music…91.5 CKPR and Masala Grille.

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Thunder Bay on Demand

We want you to tell us what to play, then turn it on and turn it up!

Val Mitchell is taking all the requests from noon - 1 pm on Monday to Friday!

Send us your requests to us now by emailing, calling 346-2577 on visiting us on Facebook or Twitter!

Thunder Bay on Demand is brought to you by Fort William First Nation Bingo. 


Send in your birthday greetings for a chance to have it announced LIVE on air during the morning show with Danny and Laura weekdays at 8:20am. The lucky birthday boy or girl will win one 18" Pepperoni Pizzas and one 2L Pop from Franki's Pizzeria! 



Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly

Listen Saturdays on 91.5 CKPR from 6pm to 10pm. and be taken back in time to your favorite decades!  BACKTRAX USA with KID KELLY is brought to you by Bodystream and plays all your favorites from the 80s and the 90s from Madonna and Cindy Lauper to Ace of Base, No Doubt and the Goo Goo Golls! 

ET Radio Minute

The ET Radio Minute is always there and always first with breaking entertainment news, exclusive inside information and in-depth stories on what is happening now in the fast-paced world of entertainment, from the television institution that has been the entertainment news leader for over 20 years.